PreAmp – Boosting mobile signal over long cable run.


The mobile signal from all operators is received by the outdoor antenna and sent to the PreAmp unit. The PreAmp can be installed just below the antenna in a weatherproof box. The PreAmp boosts the signal to “prepare” it for the long cable run* of up to 100 meters in length. In the area where you need coverage, install any standard repeater and attach the 100m cable to it.

*Specified for SD400 cable.


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The PreAmp is designed for situations where there is a long run of cable from outside to inside the building. You can use up to 100 meters of (SD400) )cable between the external antenna and the repeater without signal loss. This is very good for very large building installations, but also for areas in the countryside where the location where there is a good signal is far away from the area where you need signal.