Cellular radiation: repeaters better than mobile phones

01 fév 2016
rad comparrisoon
  1. User makes a phone call. The mobile phone sends out a low powered signal to the signal booster installed in the house.
  2. The signal booster receives the low power phone signal and relays it to the outdoor antenna.
  3. The outdoor antenna relays the signal to the operators tower, which could be several km’s away.
 A smartphone can emit power up to 100 times higher than a signal booster
Therefore the booster itself is a low power device, much more so then the phone.

Assuming you have a signal booster installed in your house and you make a phone call.  Your phone will now  communicate with the booster – not the mobile phone tower which can be many kilometers away.
Therefore your phone can reduce it’s transmission power significantly.

There are two benefits to this:
  1. The phone produces less radiation.
  2. The phones battery lasts longer
Whilst we do not believe there is any danger from mobile phone radiation, we do understand many people have concerns with this issue.

Consider the following diagram:

rad vrs dist



You can see that the closer you get to the radiating device (a booster or a phone) the higher the power is. It increases with the square of the distance. Your phone is right up against your head, so to reduce the radiation your head experiences during a call, you can

a) Move the phone away from your head,

b) Reduce the power of the phone (with a repeater)

Even if you were to stand right up against the repeater it is important to note the the power is still 100 times less then that of the phone. The booster itself is a very low power device.

Why buy a StellaDoradus signal booster?

  • It amplifies all signals simultaneously from all mobile operators
  • Frequencies: 800mhz / 900mhz / 1800mhz / 2100mhz / 2600mhz.
  • Suitable for voice and data (telephone and Internet)
  • Unlimited calls and unlimited data connections simultaneously.
  • System feedback detection. AGC adjustment.
  • Increased battery life of mobile devices
  • Once installed, it doesn’t require additional management or cost.
  • Keeps the mobile connection from interruption when switching from outside to inside.


The range of Stelladoradus  repeaters is very wide, in order to cover all the possible needs, both in terms of network and price.

Visit our website and you will certainly find the solution that suits you.

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