BigBoost repeater – Providing mobile signal in large open areas, tunnels, mines..


The BigBoost repeater system  boosts mobile signal into large open areas that have little or no mobile coverage. Mines, tunnels, depressions in the land are some examples where a BigBoost can be used.

The BigBoost system should be installed on a high location where there is good mobile signal. Here, a donor antenna is installed and pointed at the nearest base station where it receives the signal and sends it to the BigBoost system.

The BigBoost adds powerful amplification and sends this high power signal to one or two antennas that point down into the areas that require coverage.

Typical range from these antennas is 400m-600m.

The system is self monitoring and does not require any management.

Table of products

table of products bigboost

Note: The BigBoost system comprises of a BigBoost and a StellaHome repeater.


  • Boosts mobile signal for all operators.
  • Powerful amplification suitable for large outdoor areas.
  • Simple intuitive LED indicator.
  • Networks: 800/900MHz (3G/4G)





Installation Notes:

The Yagi antenna that points towards the operators cell tower must be  pointing roughly 180DEG in the opposite direction to the antenna(2) that point down into the areas that require coverage. This is to reduce feedback between the antennas.

The BigBoost unit and the StellaHome unit as shown in the diagram above MUST be placed in separate waterproof enclosures. DO NOT PLACE THEM IN THE SAME BOX.

The reason for this is feedback and overheating.